I am a working paramedic with a main hobby of horse training and riding. Neither of these activities are conductive to good spinal management. I have been seeking out Upper Cervical chiropractors for the past 40 years. Now I have found Dr. Hallgrimson. He combines the best of Upper Cervical chiropractic and spinal manipulation which has greatly improved my spinal alignment. I look forward to having Dr. Hallgrimson help me maintain my health and improve my ability to do my work and enjoy a life free of pain.

– Jo Ann H.

After a boating injury and years of self neck cracking which left me with a severe pinched nerve in my upper neck, I began the long journey in search of pain relief. Spending large amounts of time and money on traditional chiropractic treatments, I had lost all hope of correcting my neck. Every other chiropractor I would see would just try and crack my neck and when nothing happened they would then say, “come see me in a couple days and we will try again”. Delicate neck injuries are made worse by traditional chiropractors. Finally, in 2016, after giving up on chiropractors, I was referred to Dr. Clint Hallgrimson by my acupuncturist, who spoke very highly of him. After my first treatment with Clint, he gave me so much relief I actually wanted to cry. It was like a weight being lifted off of me. Within a few sessions with Clint, years of agonizing damage was corrected.

Having tried other Upper Cervical practitioners (who charge upwards of $900 for the initial visit), Clint also stands above them with extremely fair fair prices. He charges less than half of what other Upper Cervical offices do! I now live in Alberta and still make special trips just to see Clint.

He is that much better than any other Upper Cervical practitioners, that I’m willing to fly in from Alberta just to see him. Clint truly cares about his patients and getting them healed ASAP, unlike many other chiropractors, his goal is to see you less, not more often. I honestly can’t thank him enough. He has also helped my brother and mother with their neck issues. My family and I will continue to recommend and see Clint as he is in a league of his own!

– Spencer F.

To be honest I was skeptical when I first heard about Upper Cervical 5 years ago. I grew up extremely active and agile, completely pain free…. involved in gymnastics, figure skating and had aspirations to become a professional pianist. After being involved in two rear-end motor vehicle accidents, I found myself in almost unbearable chronic back pain. The first accident resulted in soft-tissue damage in the neck and the second caused both soft-tissue damage in the neck, in addition to a compression fracture and hematoma mid-back. At the time I was practicing upwards of 4 hours per day working towards my ARCT (teachers) accreditation with the Royal Conservatory of Music. I had to ask for special course delays as I struggled through the pain to do the practice necessary. Since my first accident in 1993 I had been consistently trying various forms of treatment and a taking a myriad of medications to manage the pain. In 2013 after slipping on the ice, I was then diagnosed with bulging discs in my lower back. 5 years later I was reminded again of Upper Cervical and decided that I would try it….. what did I have to lose? After the initial x-rays were taken I began regular treatments with Clint Hallgrimson and within a month I was feeling a difference. I continued finding the pain less the usual. I then took an unintentional 4 month break from Upper Cervical treatments, and found myself struggling with the intense back pain again.

I am now convinced that for me Upper Cervical needs to always be a part of a manageable and balanced lifestyle. I only understand now in layman’s terms the analogy of our heads being “somewhat like a bowling ball balanced on a slinky’. And when you consider all of the “unnatural” positions required of us day to day, we can understand how easily this delicate system can be compromised.

The manipulation of Upper Cervical is “alarmingly” gentle. It makes one suspect how anything could possible change, realign or shift with such quiet maneuvers.

I know the treatment of Upper Cervical is substantially improving my quality of life. To experience the feeling of not always thinking about being in pain is something that I haven’t felt in decades. I had to experience it to believe ANYTHING could have this kind of effect on my severe and chronic back pain.

As a Doctor, Clint is strongly convicted about the practice of Upper Cervical as well as he is excited to share holistic approaches, ergonomic suggestions for the workplace, stretch and strengthening exercises and awareness techniques to promote overall well-being and pain free living.

Clint treats his patients and their conditions as unique and does not promote “lifelong” or “cookie-cutter” treatment plans. The freedom of choice in collaboration with him in deciding frequency to treatment is one of the things that encouraged me to keep coming back. If you yourself suffer, and like me have tried it all, PLEASE consider Upper Cervical.

– Melodie P.

Over the years I’ve benefited from chiropractic treatment but none so quickly, with extremely comprehensive analysis, pain relief and enhanced mobility, as from the treatment provided by Dr. Clint Hallgrimson.

Dr. Hallgrimson’s gentle Upper Cervical adjustments have enabled me to achieve sustained and ongoing relief from severe and debilitating sciatic pain after only a few treatments.

I’m now able to function extremely well with maintenance treatments. Over and above treatments that provide prompt, effective and sustained relief, Dr. Hallgrimson’s well managed practice (Sandy, at the front desk is a pleasure to deal with), his cheerful reassuring and kind personality, all contribute to a successful outcome.

– Sandra C,

I have been a satisfied client of Clint Hallgrimson for well over 4 years. As a very active 60 year old, I still participate in competitive cycling, running and generally lead a very physical lifestyle. Many times over each year I can tell that my body alignment is not perfect due to small signals from my hips, lower back and knees. Once this happens I quickly book a session with Clint and depending on the degree to which I have challenged my body he can straighten me out quickly. He has a gentle yet very effective technique that works very well.

– Kevin W.

I have been a patient of Dr. Clint Hallgrimson at Functional Spinal Care for about 8 years and it has been the best of all the treatments I have ever received. I would rate a 5-star rating without a moments hesitation! I’ve needed chiropractic help since an injury at age 14 and have seen many chiropractors. I can honestly say Dr. Clint Hallgrimson is the very best and I highly recommend him. His technique is so gentle and he gives his patients so much time getting each treatment right. It’s amazing. He is so busy yet never rushes me through in all these years. I feel great and I have received so much needed help that even though it takes an hr and a half to drive each way to his clinic, he is so gifted and excellent that its worth the drive time. Thank you Dr. Clint Hallgrimson.

– K. Landy

I’ve been using this method of Chiropractic care for about 40 years now. Initially for headaches but found great results with other issues. Upon moving to Vernon from the Vancouver area in 1992 I had been on the search for another NUCCA Chiropractor. Without much success although I did find some decent ones of traditional methods, I kept an eye out, never the less. I heard about Dr. Clint Hallgrimson, via a friend’s recommendation, so I decided to check him out. It must be close to 20 years now and he has helped me immensely as well as my 84 year old mother. Go and see Dr. Clint at Functional Spinal Care….. you will benefit in some way… guaranteed!

– Lisa L.

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