Understanding Vertigo to Stop the Spinning

Vertigo is a symptom, not a condition. It is the feeling that you or the things in your environment are spinning or moving. It is a false sense of motion. [...]

Migraines: What Causes Them and How to Find Natural Relief

Migraines are very painful and can cause you to lose out on important family and social activities as well as work. The symptoms associated with migraines are as follows: Nausea [...]

What Exactly Is Vertigo and Is There a Way to Alleviate It?

If someone says he feels dizzy, as if the room is spinning, he may be suffering from vertigo. Vertigo is a sensation that the person or the things around him [...]

The Pain of Migraines Due to Hormones and Where to Get Help

Migraines can certainly ruin one’s day. The intense, throbbing pain lasting for hours or even days can really impact both social and family life and makes work nearly impossible. Migraines [...]

An In-depth Look at Meniere’s Disease and How to Cope

If you are suffering from Meniere’s disease and its disabling effects, you are not alone. In America, approximately 615,000 people are currently diagnosed with this condition, with about 45,500 new [...]

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